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Things to do

Hyderabad, ‘the city of Nawabs’, was an erstwhile princely state. This has left a lasting mark on
Hyderabad, making it a city with a rich culture and heritage, which is reflected in its myriad architectural
forms. Some of the fascinating sites that you must not miss out on when you are in Hyderabad include:


Located in the heart of the city, Charminar was built in 1591 by Mohammed Quli Qutub Shah. Mirroring elements peculiar to Cazia style, this enchanting monument has 4 minarets, each of which is 48.7 metert all. It was constructed with the aim of warding off a deadly epidemic. It houses a mosque and 45 prayer spaces. There’s also a shopping area in the periphery of this monument.

Tickets: 5 INR for Indians and 100 INR for Foreigners.
Opening Timings: Open on all days from 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM

Golconda Fort

A fortress famous for its beguiling beauty, Golconda Fort has always been at the helm of history. While the fort was originally built during the era of Yadava Dynasty, it was controlled by Kakatiya Dynasty, Bahmani Dynasty, Qutb Shahis and eventually the Mughals. What makes this fort interesting is the light and sound show that happens daily in the evening.

Tickets: 5 INR for Indians and 100 INR for Foreigners.
Opening Timings: Open on all days from 9 AM to 5:30 PM

Hussain Sagar Lake

A heart shaped lake; this is believed to be one of the largest artificial lakes in Asia. It was unearthed during the reign of Ibrahim Quli Qutub Shah in the year 1562 AD. It is heartening to see the statue of Buddha right in the middle of the lake. This imposing statue is 16 meters tall. What makes this lake a popular tourist destination is the fact that many watersports, including boating, skiing, cruising and parasailing are conducted here.

Tickets: Charges on boating.
Opening Timings: Open all days from 9 AM to 9:30 PM

Birla Mandir

Situated around the famed Hussain Sagar, at the crest of the Kalapahad hill, Birla Mandir is a captivating temple, which was made entirely out of white marble brought from Rajasthan. It offers a stunning view of the lake and city. The temple resembles the South Indian and Oriya temples in terms of its architectural features. The evening aarti draws swarms of worshippers to the temple who offer prayers to Sri Venkateswara.

Tickets: No entry fee.
Opening Timings: Open all days from 7AM to 12PM/3PM to 9PM

Spanish Mosque

Located inside the premises of the Paigah Palace, this stunning structure is a visual treat for all the visitors. It was built by the Paigah nawab Iqbal Ud Daula, who was awestruck by the grandeur architecture of Europe. Truly one of a kind, this mosque boasts of the architectural features of the Spanish- Moorish style.

Tickets: No entry fee.
Opening Timings: Open all days from 5AM to 9PM

Nehru Zoological Park

Sprawling over an expanse of 300-acre, this colossal area has over 1500 species of wildlife. All the wildlife enthusiasts would be delighted to see animals like Indian cobra, star tortoises, and giant tortoises over here. From elephant rides and children’s train to a lion safari park and a Natural History Museum, there’s something for everyone.

Tickets: 30 INR for adults and 15 INR for children below 12 yrs.
Opening Timings: Open all days except Monday from 8AM–5:30PM